Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Fee Calculation

Fee Structure Amount
Early Registrations ( 3rd November'17 – 25th November'17 )
Delegate Fee Rs. 3,000
Delegation Fee per person Rs. 700
Late Registrations ( 26th November'17 – 30th December'17 )
Delegate Fee Rs. 3,500
Delegation Fee per person Rs. 1000

Q2: How and when do I register my delegation for MUNIK IX?

MUNIK IX registrations went live on the 6th of November 2017.In order to register your delegation, please visit the Registrations Tab on the MUNIK website i.e. A step by step guide has been provided on our Facebook page It is important to note that MUNIK follows an Online Registration procedure.

Q3: Is there a discount?

Yes, you can avail the special students’ discount if you register anytime between the 6th of November and the 25th of November 2017. However, you will not be granted any discount on the delegation fee if you register after the 25th of November.

Q4: Is there a registrations deadline?

Yes, the registration deadline is December 30th, 2017 after which no further applications will be processed. Thus, delegates are requested to register before the deadline.

Q5: How many delegates can a single delegation consist of?

The maximum number of delegates per delegation is 10 (Ten) and the minimum is 1 (one).

Q6: How many ten-member delegations can one university/college/school register?

There is no limit on the number of delegations per institution. Institutions can send as many delegations as they wish.

Q7: What is a private delegation? Can I register a private delegation?

At times, delegations do not represent any single institution (each delegate may have a different institutional background). At MUNIK, such participating delegations are classified as Private Delegations. The process for registering your delegation privately is the same as the regular registration procedure except for some minor differences:
In the Institution Information section of the Registration Form, private teams must type in “Private Delegation” in the ‘Institute Name’ box. Note however, that all private delegates must put in their institution’s name in their respective delegate information sections.
Private Delegations are processed AFTER the process of registering institutional delegations is complete. This means that private delegations are allocated countries after we have successfully allocated countries to all delegations representing particular institutions.

Q8: I can’t manage a complete delegation and still wish to be a part of MUNIK IX. What do I do now?

There are times when individuals cannot manage to meet the delegation requirements and still wish to be a part of the conference. Such individual applications are deemed “Private” and can register as an individual delegate.

Q9: I do not have a CNIC as I am under 18. What should I enter in the Registration Form?

In case of delegates who are under the age of 18, you are required to enter your parent/guardian’s CNIC No. or your B-form number.

Q10: Can I add more delegates after I have submitted delegate information on the portal?

No, you will not be allowed to add more delegates once delegation is submitted.

Q11: How do I pay?

Deposit the fee, the total amount of which can be obtained via invoice generated after you have registered, in our bank account and upload the scanned copy of your deposit slip on our portal. Please note that only deposit slips will be accepted. No other modes of payment will be accepted (for eg. Pay order, Cash, Cheque etc.) You will also have to submit the deposit slip at either of the IBA campuses along with 3 photocopies of the deposit slip.

Q12: Is there a deadline for making payments?

PAYMENTs are to be made within 4(four) working days of receiving the confirmation email.