PAYMENT Procedure

Your participation is currently conditional and is subject to receipt of payment. The total amount to be paid for MUNIK IX can be obtained via invoice generated by our system after you have registered.

You need to pay WITHIN 4 WORKING DAYS to confirm your registration.
The mode of payment is mentioned below:
You have to deposit the fee in our bank account and upload the scanned copy of your deposit slip on our portal. Please note that only deposit slips will be accepted. NO OTHER modes of payment will be accepted (for eg. Pay order, Cash, Cheque etc.) Account details are given below.

Title: IBA Student societies
Account #: 01531490004748
Branch code: 0153
Faysal Bank Limited,
Gulshan Chowrangi branch

You will also have to submit the deposit slip at either of the IBA campuses along with three photocopies of the deposit slip with your delegation ID and phone number written on the back of each copy (Delegation ID will be generated on the registrations portal). Timings to submit the hard copy of deposit slip are:

Campus Timings Days
For Main Campus: 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday
For City Campus: 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday

In case of any queries, you may contact the City Campus representative if you are submitting your deposit slip at the City Campus, and either of the two Main Campus representatives for submitting the deposit slip at the Main Campus:

Noor Fatima Aslam Ghani, President Syed Mohammad Hammad Zaidi, Director General Omer Farooq Ahmed, ED Delegate Relations Sundus Altaf, ED Registrations
0323-2622335 0310-2525091 0333-3681769 0332-3682587

INTERNATIONAL DELEGATIONS can pay via online bank transfer in the above mentioned account number of Faysal Bank. Once you are done with that, please attach a screenshot of the proof of your payment on the portal where it says, “Upload Fee Slip” and email us a copy at In case that doesn’t work, then we will provide them the option to pay when they get here.