Joint Crisis Cabinet

JCC offers an opportunity for delegates to step beyond the boundaries of the common MUN experience. In JCC, private and public directives replace mundane documents, and chaos replaces the order of the typical committee. Delegates of each bloc will debate in separate rooms and devise the best route to win the strategic battle. Crises are largely created for and by delegates, which means imagination and innovation is key.


The Great Game

The Joint Crisis Cabinets – being an integral part of MUNIK’s history, are a pair of two committee’s that will function simultaneously. Running parallel to each other, these cabinets will require delegates that are highly specialized with respect to tackling Crises that will be simulated. Delegates will be assigned a respective portfolio personality that they will represent inside the cabinet. They will be completely autonomous in decision making and may choose their direction for the Crises. This year's agenda will be centred towards the "Great Game" between the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom, going back to the 19th Century. The Cabinets will deeply focus on the causes, events, and aftermath of all Wars and Treaties that led to the collision of two superpowers on the globe. Delegates will have to analyse and formulate appropriate measures to guarantee the survival of their respective States. In addition to this, since both cabinets will run parallel, delegates will not only compete within their cabinet, but, with members of the other cabinet as well opening ground for pragmatic debate and holistic solutions.