The Sixth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, Legal, is the primary forum for dealing with international legal issues in the U.N. system. The issues debated in this committee range from maritime law to the International Court of Justice. It may make recommendations to individual UN Member States, the Security Council, or both on any legal-related matter. It has also hosted negotiations related to treaties on general international law subject-matters, as well as elaborated on existing and new international treaties. As one of the main committees of the General Assembly, each UN Member State is entitled to representation and equal voting rights.


Topic Area A: Legality of Artificial Intelligence in Warfare

Autonomous weapons, as well as autonomous robots intended for the purpose of warfare have recently been the subject of heated debate. In August 2015, over 1,000 high-profile AI experts and researchers presented an open letter at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence that warned of a military artificial intelligence arms race and called for a ban on offensive autonomous weapons. What is it that makes A.I. warfare different than conventional warfare and why is it so important for us to regulate the way in which the proliferation of A.I. in the context of warfare takes place?

Topic Area B: Developing laws against sexual offences and harassment in developing countries

The past few years have seen sexual offences become one of the most heavily debated topics in all spheres of life. There have been leaps and bounds in the field with the normalization of the call-out culture taking place and there being an increased focus on preventing sexual harassment. However, a major problem for all such problems exists within the judicial system where laws against sexual harassment have historically made it very difficult to be able to prove the crime specially in developing countries. How must these laws adapt to the growing pace of the movement and how can it be made easier for victims to take a judicial route to closure?

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