Social, Humanitarian &
Cultural Committee

The Third Committee, Social Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs Committee, discusses a broad range of agenda items relating to social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues that affect people across the globe. SOCHUM focuses on the examination of human rights questions, including reports of the special procedures of the Human Rights Council which was established in 2006. Along with that, it deals with questions pertaining to the advancement of women, the protection of children, indigenous issues, the treatment of refugees, the promotion of fundamental freedoms through the elimination of racial discrimination and the right to self- determination. In addition, the Committee addresses important social development questions such as issues related to youth, family, ageing, and persons with disabilities, crime prevention, criminal justice, and international drug control.


Rights during Civil Disobedience

Civil disobedience is one of the most polarizing topics in politics. Ideas such as the right to protest and what makes a protest legitimate have been argued for centuries, yet we still see a general discomfort in establishing these rights across the globe. Movements such as the Arab Spring and Black Lives Matters have shaped discourse on the topic in recent years, and we’ve seen violent protests become more mainstream. What does the future of civil disobedience entail?

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