Special Political & Decolonization

The Fourth Committee, Special Political and Decolonization Committee, plays a distinct and challenging role in the United Nations. After merging with the initial fourth committee, the Trusteeship Council, when all the non-self- governing territories had been properly administered, SPECPOL was tasked with a decolonization role as well as with the responsibility to deal with issues not taken up by the first committee. SPECPOL deals with a variety of subjects which include those related to decolonization, refugees and human rights, peacekeeping, mine action, outer space, public information and atomic radiation. However, in light of recent times, it is seen that the committee mainly concerns itself with issues related to disputed territories, colonization, and subjugation with the bigger aim of making all member states independent without external influences from former colonizers.


Situation in Yemen in light of the Middle Eastern Politics

Yemen is under siege and the unrest has escalated to an ever high. The growing involvement of the proxies has turned the state situation from a civil war to a matter of international concern. A big question is posed upon the unity of Arab states as Yemen bleeds. How will the super powers execute a strategy in light of their previously failed counter terrorism efforts? Will the international community let Yemen become another graveyard in the middle east?

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